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Fall 2015 Activist-in-Residence

Sarah Adams-Cornell is an advocate for Native American culture, education and rights. She is a member of the Choctaw Nation, serves on the Board for the OK Choctaw Tribal Alliance, is a core member of Idle No More Central Oklahoma, serves on the OKCPS Native American Student Services Parent Committee and co-hosts a radio program, ‘‘Womyn Warrior Talk,’’ which addresses topics concerning Indian Country and current news. She was named 2014 Cottey College Young Alumna of the Year for her leadership in her culture and community.

Sarah has taught thousands of children about Native American culture through presentations she and her family offer to schools in the Oklahoma City metro area. This began in an effort to replace Land Run reenactments in her daughter’s school. In 2014 Sarah was a part of the group which successfully worked to eliminate Land Run reenactments and the offensive Redsk** mascot from Oklahoma City Public Schools. Sarah, in conjunction with OKCPS Native American Student Services, recently launched a new program, ‘‘Oklahoma History Day,’’ a diverse and inclusive account of Oklahoma history, to present as an alternative to Land Run reenactments in OKC public schools. Sarah believes that all children benefit from an accurate education about Oklahoma and US history.

Through Idle No More Central Oklahoma, a Native American rights movement, Sarah has helped host rallies and meetings throughout Oklahoma to educate and bring light to human and environmental injustices. She and INMCO champion issues like the Violence Against Women Act, preservation of the Indian Child Welfare Act, opposition to Tar Sands pipelines, protection of sacred sites, healing generational trauma, teaching, encouraging and supporting Native youth and preserving Native traditions.

Sarah serves on the Board and as Cultural Programming chairman for the OK Choctaw Tribal Alliance. The Alliance serves as a place where Choctaws who live in the Oklahoma City area gather for fellowship and learning. Sarah values the traditional ways of her people. She and her daughters have learned Choctaw language, singing, dance, beading, basket making, dress making and history classes to help preserve, pass on and celebrate their Choctaw heritage. She also led the group to plant an indigenous garden to learn the old ways of growing and encourage healthy eating.

Sarah enjoys co-hosting a radio program, ‘‘Womyn Warrior Talk.’’ She and her fellow co-hosts discuss and bring awareness to issues that impact Native communities as well as current news, policy and events.

The LGBTQ community is near to Sarah’s heart. She is a proud member of Central Oklahoma Two Spirit society and strong supporter of equal rights.

As a strong advocate of community building, Sarah and other committed neighbors, took their collapsing neighborhood association and revitalized neighbor relationships through small gatherings. Within a few years of hard work as President, Sarah’s neighborhood was awarded ‘‘Oklahoma City Neighborhood of the Year,’’ by Neighborhood Alliance Central Oklahoma.

Sarah attended Cottey College and the University of Oklahoma. She is married to Dustin Cornell. They have two daughters, Isabella and Gabrielle and live in Oklahoma City. She is a P.E.O. of Chapter DD and a Phi Mu of Chapter Epsilon Beta. Sarah is the Office & Marketing Manager for her family’s business, RedLand Sheet Metal.

The Center for Social Justice is thrilled to have Sarah join us for events throughout the Fall 2015 semester!

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