The Center for Social Justice is an initiative of the Women's and Gender Studies Program to promote gender justice, equality, and human rights through local and global engagement.

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Organizing Retreat!
February 27th- March 2nd// New Orleans, Louisiana
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*Social Justice enthusiasts unite!*

Join us for our social justice organizing retreat in beautiful, sunny New Orleans! We’ll be sharpening our organizing skills, fine-tuning our campaign schematics, and meeting other student leaders in the movements for workers’ rights, anti-human trafficking, LGTBQ rights, immigrant rights, environmental justice, and so much more! Don’t have a campaign yet? That’s okay! Come and learn how to build a group on your campus!


-Meet students from all over, feed your creativity, fine-tune your organizing skills, and develop your game plans for your campaign! Build alliances with a network of students from across the country fighting for change, just like you! Plug into a national network of support!

-Learn about the history of student-labor organizing, and its’ amazing achievements! Students and garment workers have organized to see to the creation of Alta Gracia- the world’s first ever living-wage, union-made college apparel factory, in the Dominican Republic Free Trade Zone.

-Gain a better understanding of campaigning on campus with fun, interactive, youth-led workshops on coalition building, organizing conversations, power dynamics, and more! Hear from students who have had concrete wins on their campuses, and how they made it happen!

-Listen to direct testimonies from workers- both local and international- who are fighting for respect on the job, and learn how we can be in solidarity!

-Warm weather! Sunshine! Live music! Mardi Gras! Delicious food! Enjoy historic New Orleans!


No money? No problem! We’ll pre-game this conference with skill-shares via Google Hangouts of how you can raise the money to get you to the conference, even if this would normally be beyond your means. Working class perspectives are a huge asset to the conference! We can work together to make this happen- if you’re committed to the cause, where there’s a will there’s a way. We do offer limited need-based travel scholarships- just apply here and we’ll work together from there.



email with any questions!